Vitamins are a MUST

Vitamins might be pricey but your health is totally worth it! Here are a few of the vitamins I take daily.

Ultra Women Multivitamin : Now as we grow older and go through our daily lives, our body doesn’t replenish itself as fast as it used to. Taking a multivitamin is a quick and easy way to nurish your body of the aspects it is lacking on or missing. One pill, once a day for almost everything.
B-12 : Vitamin B gives you more energy. It helps you convert everything you eat into a source of flowing energy for your body. It boosts your metabolism to promote energy.
Omega-3 fish oil : Helps with your joints, heart, enhances memory and thinking speed, helps maintain dry eyes and eyesight, helps keep your skin nice, and helps your body use and store fat properly.
Naked Juice: What better to wash it all down with than a fresh 100% juice, Naked Juice. Pack in more of what you love in a simple bottle.



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