Chicago – The Windy City

Chicago was such a pleasant place to visit. Did you know? Chicago is the third most populous city in the United States, after New York City and Los Angeles. It was awfully windy as soon as I arrived, but what more could I expect?

My first stop after arriving was to go eat at the Rosebud Steak house. They served an assortment of breads and butter. I had a main dish of Filet Minion with lemon asparagus and mixed mushrooms.

The John Hancock Observatory Tower

A three story TOPSHOP, the cure to any shoppers addiction.

The Kinzie Street Showroom! Our entire days were filled with shopping, cocktails, mini parties, wine, yummy hors d’evours and topped with morning bloody marys. Working hard, or hardly working?

Went venturing off and where to go, none other than Millennium park? As soon as we left our cab we were greeted with a large, highly-polished, mirrored bean-shaped sculpture at Millennium park at the Cloud Gate. I was told by some by standers that this was where they shot the romance movie “The Vow”. Which I thought was pretty cool.

On this trip I wore Chalet Styles Fall/Winter 2013 Collection. I wanted to be feminine but not be bothered by the cold. I wore a bright white crinkle dress underneath a warm red cotton slub cardigan. I paired my outfit with some grey boots from Soda Shoes and a nice thick scarf.

After visiting the park we had dinner at Gino’s East, home of the famous Chicago style pizza. When in Chicago, am I right? We ordered a Small Meaty Legend deep dish pizza. Or in my interpretation, an outstanding deep dish pizza with pepperoni and sausage. I’d like to warn any first time deep dish pizza eaters that the small is more than enough. I literally could barely even finish one slice because it was so rich and thick.

I paired the pizza with a nice little sangria. It also helped me wind down from all the cold wind outside. I love how Gino’s east sangria was loaded (overflowing) with juicy fruits creating a crisp but sweet experience.

Call us crazy but after a few hours, we headed out to Samba. Samba is a restaurant of Asian fusion sushi. I believe it is a Philippine and Japanese fusion of food. We had a tender pork adobo and a platter of some of my favorite sushi. Uni, fatty tuna, and yellow tail sashimi.

I wish I took more pictures but I wasn’t planning on writing about it on this blog till I came back. I’ll be sure to come back again to record it much better. Till next time Chicago!xojverie

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