Sweet tastes of Warm Fall

Hey guys! It’s been so hot lately in California… but it is technically fall and I can’t start to explain how much I LOVE fall fashion! Keep up the fall fashion trends by wearing a long cardigan (Forever21). I kept my dress short so that I didn’t sweat from all this heat. Topped it off with a big black floppy Urban Outfitters hat to keep the sun out of my face, and wore a Royal Blue Zara purse for a pop of color! I accessorized with a Kukui Nut Necklace that I had bought from Waikiki, Hawaii to finish off this look.

I stopped by “The LAB” over in Costa Mesa on Bristol Street after a fun day of shopping at South Coast Plaza. That’s where I stumbled upon one of the most BEST tasting macarons ever. There was a cute store or trailer I should say, that sold macarons called Honey & Butter. The best part was that the owner gave so many free samples! He would let you try every flavor if you really wanted to with a great big smile and great personality. There were also really cute cartoon macarons that totally won my heart over! If you are ever in Costa Mesa I definitely recommend you visit this place! Till next time~



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Julia Jverie. Fashion designer, blogger, and stylist. Based in Orange County and Los Angeles. Consecutively, it's a space filled with style, trends, fashion, eateries, and adventures. Business Inquiries: info@jverie.com

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