The Cliff Restaurant & Laguna Beach

The Cliff Restaurant
577 South Coast Highway, in Laguna Village,
Laguna Beach, California

Phone: (949) 494-1956

Laguna beach is one of my favorite places to be. Places like Huntington or Seal Beach are so dull and dirty looking. Where as Laguna actually has pretty clear water with really nice scenic views. The highway PCH long the side give a nice drive and view. I absolutely love how if you drive a little farther down past newport towards laguna, there are far less people on the beach. We were practically on the beach alone. Which is how I like it. Quiet and serene.

After the beach we headed to The Cliff Restaurant on Laguna Beach. It was quite beautiful because it is on top of the hill and it oversaw the ocean while you had your food.

We started off with the The Cliff Crab Dip (Hot crab, cheese and artichoke dip served with toasted baguette rounds $18) Which were AMAZING. We practically scraped the entire bowl clean. This is a must get appetizer,  I promise you won’t be disappointed.

My friend (M) had the Calamari Burger (Fried calamari steak with lettuce, onion, tomato and house made rémoulade $13) In which he really enjoyed.

I had the Halibut Laguna (Fresh grilled halibut filet topped with mango and papaya tropical salsa served with rice and fresh mixed greens $25) Which was absolutely delicious. The Mango and papaya was sweet yet tangy and it went really well with the halibut, which was nice and moist and not dry. It was a clean and healthy meal that went along really well with the nice hike we had along the beach right before.

What can I say…. #BitchesLoveBrunch especially when its over looking the beautiful blue sea.

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