Week 2 – Meal Prep (+Progress)

Week 2 – Meal Prep Menu! 🍳

Two hard boiled egg whites, sriracha seasoned chicken on a bed of green peas, salted and peppered tilapia fish with a garlic lentil mash and arugula, boneless London broil steak round with a spring mix salad + balsamic vinegar dressing, and lastly a three bean 90% lean ground turkey chili! 🍴

This meal prep (per day) consists of:  
790 Calories
113g Protein
40.5g Carbs
13.6g Fats

Exercised 4 days out of 7 at the gym. 

Last weeks weight : 107lbs.
This weeks weight: 102lbs.
Total weight lost since 01/04/2016 is 4 pounds.  (YAY!)

(Note: Hi Guys! I just wanted to write out how my week 1 went. One problem I had was with the turkey breasts I cooked up. I realized that pre-making turkey breasts were extremely difficult in terms of keeping it tasting good. The turkey breasts from last week ended up feeling and tasting like rubber (yuck!) So this week instead of using breasts I created a chili out of ground turkey which ended up being AMAZING to the taste pallet. So unless you know how to cook lean turkey breasts, I would advise to stay away from including it into your meal prep!)


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