My Favorite Porridge Restaurant in Los Angeles

Mountain Cafe
3064 W. 8th St.
Los Angeles, CA 90005
(213) 487-7615

(Abalone Porridge – $8.25) – Abalone and rice chowder. 

I have to say this is the best porridge house in Korea town Los Angeles,hands down. For those days you can’t chew due to your new braces (i.e. like me they hurt so bad right now), or even if you are sick and can’t eat. The abalone porridge (전복죽) from Mountain Cafe (aka 산) has so much flavor especially when eaten together with seasoned jorim beef (장조림) & their signature kimchi (김치) 😍

The restaurant itself is very small and also very busy so be prepared to wait if you go during rush hours. I have never seen this place empty before. It is always flowing steadily with customers from dine in and also many customers who “to-go” because they do not want to wait. (I consider that a good thing when I am looking for good restaurants.)

The porridge itself in Korean customs is a very basic food. It is like toast for Americans. One thing I love about this place is that even though it is such a basic and common food, is that Mountain Cafe has it down to the core, on the amount of flavor. It is a classic favorite that will never fade and therefore is loved by many many generations past and to come.

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