Nacho Heaven at The Cove Bar in Disney California Adventures

The Cove Bar – Disney California Adventure Park
1313 S. Disneyland Dr.,
Anaheim, CA 92802

Phone: (714) 781-3463

(Neverland Tea, California Fun-Wheel, Raspberry Pina Colada)

Okay, so… To be honest… Running around Disney California Adventures with thousands of little mis-behaving children, crazy parents, and long waits in line for the rides can drive a 25 year old like me insane. So I like to hit the cove bar to get a few (beautiful but surprisingly extremely strong cocktails) to make my day at Disney a lot easier to handle.

There is usually already a line just to eat/drink at the Cove Bar itself. But it’s so worth it! Don’t let the pretty cute looking drinks fool you. They will do its job better than you think. (laughs then cringes) They are definitely on the stronger side, but with all the money you are going to have to spend the rest of the day at Disney, I think its a great thing that the drinks are so strong.

(Lobster Nachos – $14.99)

If you love nachos, these lobster nachos are going to BLOW YOUR WORLD. Tender lobster pieces atop fresh house-made corn tortilla chips with black beans, pico de gallo, chipotle creme, and signature aged cheddar and Oaxaca cheese sauce for just $14.99.

BOOM. I hope you took my advice and are pretty buzzed and full off the best thing you can get at Disney California Adventures.

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