YSABEL West Hollywood, CA

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YSABEL (West Hollywood, CA)

Address: 945 N Fairfax Ave., West Hollywood, CA 90046

Phone Number: (323) 366-2940

Ysabel is a vibrant cocktail bar that prides itself on its mixology expertise. It boasts both a back and front bar, as well as an inviting outdoor patio. Initially, locating the restaurant can be a bit challenging since there is no prominent sign with its name. The plain white building may not immediately catch your eye. Keep in mind that valet parking is available for $7.

With our reservations at 8PM (which I highly recommend making, especially on a busy Thursday night), we stepped into a dimly lit venue adorned with string lights and candles. The atmosphere exuded a romantic vibe, making it an ideal spot for a date night or a gathering with friends. It can get a bit lively and spirited, but that’s part of the charm of a cocktail bar, right?

As special guests of the restaurant, my friends and I were treated to a set menu. The servers, general managers, and chefs warmly welcomed us and ensured we had a memorable dining experience. They kindly inquired about any allergies or dietary restrictions we had, ensuring that no dishes containing those ingredients were served. Impeccable service was evident throughout the evening, as they promptly cleared our dirty plates after each course and replaced them with fresh ones.

(Left to Right: @cathythekimchi, @nicqueen, @kryskhloe, @euniquekollection, @juliajverie)

In terms of personal favorites, the Avocado Salad stood out with its tangy flavors, while the Bone Marrow impressed with its rich and creamy texture. The Scallops added a delightful touch with their freshness and crispness. These dishes truly captured my taste buds with their intriguing flavors.

Our overall dining experience was exceptional. What truly made this restaurant special was the welcoming environment and the wonderful people who surrounded us. The food certainly met our expectations and delivered an enjoyable culinary journey. A heartfelt thank you to Ysabel Hollywood for hosting us and creating such a memorable experience.

DESSERT (RumChata Tiramisu – $13 Mascarpone & Lady Fingers, Chocolate Cake – $14 Milk Chocolate Ganache, Bread Pudding $15 – Caramalized White Chocolate, Spiced Pumpkin Profiterole – $12 Cream Puff & Salted Caramel)

A big thank you goes out to Ysabel’s talented Pastry Chef for extending the invitation and orchestrating this incredible food adventure! We had an absolute blast.

For a detailed account of our experience at Ysabel, be sure to check out NicQueen’s YouTube Video Blog. Don’t forget to follow NicQueen for more exciting content!

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