Cafe Gratitude – LA Arts District (Dine LA)

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Cafe Gratitude (Vegan, Vegetarian)

Address: 300 S Santa Fe Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90013

Phone Number: 213) 929-5580

Café Gratitude stands as a remarkable chain of restaurants, exclusively devoted to 100% organic, plant-based dining experiences, showcasing gourmet cuisine. Their mission revolves around fostering health and sustainability, not only for the local community but also for the entire planet. With a profound commitment to their values, Café Gratitude implements a unique approach to conducting business, which they refer to as “Sacred Commerce.” This philosophy encompasses the provision of inspired service, fostering honest and transparent communication, and cultivating gratitude for the abundance that enriches our lives.

(DINE LA 2016 LUNCH MENU – Choose 2 items for $15)

(Celebrating – Two Collard Spring Rolls)

The Spring Rolls had a unique twist as they were wrapped in collard leaves. While they offered a vibrant assortment of veggies, their size made them a bit challenging to eat, being packed tightly and slightly oversized for my mouth. Personally, the almond dipping sauce didn’t quite hit the mark for me, but I discovered a newfound affection for the sesame wasabi sauce. As for the “Celebrating” dish, it was just okay in terms of taste. I’m uncertain if I would choose it again, as it leaned towards the bland side.

(Honest – Gluten-Free Tempeh Reuben Sandwich)

I absolutely adored this sandwich! Its vibrant colors made the dish a visual delight. Although I couldn’t pinpoint the specific ingredient, there were slices that remarkably resembled chicken, but they were actually made from vegetables. I thought that was incredibly cool, especially since it was my first time trying vegan food. The flavors were beautifully balanced, from the tangy sauerkraut to the creamy cashew, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

The entire restaurant, both its exterior and interior, had a light, crisp, and stunning ambiance. I adored the “gratitude” theme and the uplifting quotes on the plates. The aesthetics of the restaurant were lovely, making it a perfect spot for capturing photos with its modern contemporary vibe. The servers were polite and highly knowledgeable. They guided me through my first vegan experience, taking the time to explain the dishes thoroughly, which enhanced my enjoyment of the meal. I will definitely be returning to try more items from their enticing menu!

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