If you live in Los Angeles, then you know the infamous Paul Smith Pink Wall. It’s the famous wall of pink that everyone has to stop by to take a selfie. The location is on none other than Melrose Ave. Here’s the exact address for those of you wanting to visit. (Paul Smith – 8221 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90046)

Had amazing luck with the direction of the wind when I got here. Perfect for those “wind in your hair moment” photos.

With summer coming I chose this black romper from MISSGUIDED to keep me cool from the heat. It featured a cute dot trim that lined the top in a halter style, perfect for that backless (sweat-less) outfit. My favorite thing about rompers is that, it’s all you need. Don’t need separates and only have to worry about your body very much. It’s such a figure flattering outfit perfect for any body type.

Paired it with some QUPID shoes that resembled timberlands. These boots gave great height as well as it made a amazing statement. Because the shoes were so edgy I didn’t have to pair the outfit with any jewelry which also was great because I hate wearing jewelry when its too hot.

 Lastly wore some FOREVER 21 sunnies for a perfect “I didn’t even try” bad ass look.  Make sure you go with a friend to take your pictures for you!

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