Fun-Fact about me: I rarely drink water. I usually go throughout an entire day with maybe half a cup of water. I barely drink any water when I consume breakfast, lunch, or dinner. But the weird thing is I’m never really that thirsty to begin with, I never feel dehydrated. #thethirstisnotreal

I have lived 26 years like this. Without drinking much water and not having any major complications. I always thought, “This is just how my body is made.” But… I have been having some health issues these days and someone close to me has pointed out that I really need to start drinking water.

Some of my symptoms included:

  1. Having dry chapped lips even RIGHT after I take a shower.
  2. Always needing chap-stick. (Like really really bad.)
  3. Major fatigue, having trouble doing anything without feeling tired, being tired almost immediately even after 15 hours of sleep.
  4. Feeling groggy all day long. (I googled my symptoms about all this prior to this experiment and like everything else I google, it told me I’m going to die from cancer. Sometimes, I seriously hate you google.)
  5. I can’t focus. I used to be able to multitask and focus really well on many different things at once, but these days I feel like I have A.D.D.
  6. Recently I had a incredibly torturous throbbing headache. (I usually have headaches and am on Migraine medicine 80% of the time.)  But this was no typical migraine, it was like a tsunami that I have never experienced before. I wanted to cry and it hurt so bad I had to go home from work, popped double the medicine and cringed in pain curled up like a rollie-pollie in my bed for two hours. This eventually went away but it lingered around mildly for about 3 days. (I was genuinely so scared that I might have had a minor stroke. Which I recently found out can happen if your body is too dehydrated.)
  7. My eyes are constantly dry even with eye-drops. It’s gotten so bad that my “single daily contacts” dry out in my eye within 6 hours of wearing them. I had to adapt to use 2 pairs of contacts a day. OR wear glasses half day, and contacts half day.

This person convinced me, that if I drink enough water that all these symptoms would probably disappear, and if not it would still be extremely beneficial in more ways than I can imagine. So I thought to myself, “This isn’t a bad idea and he sounds pretty convincing so why not give this a shot.”

Keep in mind, I also have a hard time drinking water. I hate drinking water. I can drink an entire of pitcher of beer in less than 2 hours but I can not force myself to chug down water the same way for the dear life of me. 

Day 1 (Wednesday 7/27/2016)
9:00 A.M. – I couldn’t wake up on time (7:30 A.M.) today, even with 5 alarms and my boyfriend calling to wake me up. I feel groggy, my body feels extremely heavy. My lips are chapped. TBH, I feel like crap.
4:39 P.M. – I have finally finished 1 bottle (16.9FL oz.) of water.
11:35 P.M. – I really don’t feel like drinking plain water, so I steep a Trader Joe’s Jasmine Green Tea bag into another 1 bottle (16.9FL oz.) of water. I ended up only drinking half of this bottle because I was too lazy and went to sleep instead.
TOTAL WATER FINISHED: 1 1/2 Bottles.  (25.35FL oz.)

Day 2 (Thursday 7/28/2016)
7:35 A.M. – I woke up five minutes late today, with the help of my boyfriend calling and two alarms. (Well.. honestly… I also really had to pee.) I feel… meh okay, my body feels a little lazy. Totally want to lounge in bed a little more but had to get up to go to work. My lips are only half as chapped as yesterday. I feel 50 x times better than yesterday though.
11:48 A.M. – I have finished 1 bottle (16.9FL oz.) of water. I’m feeling pretty damn proud of myself for finishing one entire bottle worth of water before noon right now.
4:57 P.M. – Just finished a Grande Iced Starbucks Strawberry Acai with Coconut Milk. (16FL oz.) An update on how I feel…. 1. I keep having to pee every 2 hours, 2. I’m not full but I’m also not hungry. Definitely feel “water-full”.
7:00 P.M. – Okay, so I started drinking alcohol for Thirsty Thursday. Hopefully this doesn’t affect my water intake.
TOTAL WATER FINISHED: 2 Bottles.  (32.9FL oz.)

Day 3 (Friday 7/29/2016)
6:00 A.M. – “Why did I drink last night? I am so dehydrated and I need water…” Gulped down 8.45FL oz. of water while half asleep.
9:10 A.M. – Still incredibly dehydrated. Chugged down a Vita Coco 100% Coconut Water drink at 11.1FL oz.
2:29 P.M. – My eyes don’t feel as dry any more. I haven’t used eye-drops the past 3 days. My face skin feels really good, it feels more plush and its not as dry as before. Also I forgot to put on lotion this morning but it doesn’t seem that affected and strangely I’m less oily in my T-Zones.
5:30 P.M. – Finished 1 bottle for (16.9FL oz.) of water.
TOTAL WATER FINISHED: 2.15 Bottles. (36.45FL oz.)

Day 4 (Saturday 7/30/2016)
8:00 A.M. – Woke up and drank 8.47FL oz.
11:20 A.M. – Went to Slurpin Ramen, had about 6FL oz. of water there with my food.
12:45 P.M. – Ordered a venti Strawberry Acai with coconut water but only ended up drinking 9FL oz. of it.
9:45 P.M. – Had 6FL oz. of water at with dinner at Yup Duk Duk Bo Kki.
TOTAL WATER FINISHED: 1.74 Bottles. (29.47FL oz.)

Day 5 (Sunday 7/31/2016)
10:00 A.M. – Finished 1 bottle (16.9FL oz.) of water.
12:30 A.M. – Tea from Teavana Store (6FL oz.)
8:45 P.M. – Drank a little bit of water with dinner at KoKo’s Chicken (6FL oz.)
TOTAL WATER FINISHED: 1.71 Bottles. (28.9FL oz.)

The Overall Outcome.

  1. I feel a lot healthier. It’s almost amazing at how with a little bit of effort of drinking more water, I feel so much better.
  2. My lips significantly less chapped. It has gotten better by like 80%.
  3. I only had to use eyedrops once in the five days and that was only because I consumed alcohol (which drys out my eyes for some reason).
  4. I’m pretty obsessed at forcing myself to drink water now. It’s almost like a drug because I know that if I keep this up and drink more water than I am doing now, that I will be in far better health and condition than I am right at this moment.
  5. My urine is a tiny bit lighter, but there was no drastic change in color. But I did have to urinate very often.

I’m definitely pleased and will continue to keep this habit. I hope that my water experiment on myself has convinced you to also drink more water. =)




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