All aboard the Yoga Yacht! We boarded Nico Santucci’s private yacht in Marina del Ray, California early in the morning. The water was calm and the sky was bright and sunny. Big thanks to Balini Sports for the yoga goodie bags that were filled with tons of healthy lifestyle gifts and also a pair of yoga clothes. The purpose of this event was to showcase Balini Sports  new “Mermaid Collection“.  The Mermaid Collection features vibrant hues with dynamic design.

Photos courtesy of David Young-Wolff

Photos courtesy of David Young-Wolff

The outfit I chose upon boarding was the Balini Sports Mermaid Bra and the Enchanted Forest Divine Leggings. I loved how the Mermaid Bra was in such a beautiful Coral and Turquoise color. The bra featured a removable 3D padding and also strong support for any body type. The Enchanted Forest Divine Leggings were a vivid tie-die that went really well with the bra top.

Photos courtesy of David Young-Wolff

After we chose our outfits we had a amazing yoga session, thanks to Alexis Novak. Alexis teach us such a rewarding and intense yoga class that really invigorated mind, body, and soul. The fact that we were sitting on the docks on the water made it that much more intense. 

Photos courtesy of David Young-Wolff

It was really amazing being with not only heath conscious people but also girls who were so aware of their body and mind.

Media Event Hosted by CLD PR.

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