Balini Sports Yoga Yacht Party

Join us on the Yoga Yacht! We embarked on a journey aboard Nico Santucci’s private yacht in Marina del Rey, California, during the early hours of the morning. The serene waters reflected the bright and sunny sky. We extend our gratitude to Balini Sports for the wonderful yoga goodie bags, brimming with healthy lifestyle gifts and a stylish pair of yoga clothes. The highlight of this event was the unveiling of Balini Sports’ captivating “Mermaid Collection,” which showcases vibrant hues and dynamic designs.

Photos courtesy of David Young-Wolff

I opted for the stunning Balini Sports Mermaid Bra paired with the Enchanted Forest Divine Leggings for my outfit on board. The Mermaid Bra caught my eye with its captivating Coral and Turquoise color, boasting removable 3D padding and excellent support for all body types. The Enchanted Forest Divine Leggings featured a vibrant tie-dye pattern that complemented the bra perfectly. As we gathered for the yoga session led by Alexis Novak, the experience became truly transformative. Alexis guided us through a rewarding and invigorating yoga class that revitalized our minds, bodies, and souls. The serene backdrop of the water heightened the intensity of the practice. It was truly inspiring to be surrounded by health-conscious individuals who were deeply attuned to their bodies and minds.

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