Balini Sports Yoga Yacht Party

All aboard the Yogi Yacht! We boarded Nico Santucci’s private yacht in Marina del Ray, California. Big thanks to Balini Sports for the yoga goodie bags that were filled with tons of healthy lifestyle gifts and also a pair of yoga clothes. This event was to showcase the new “Mermaid Collection“. A shoutout to CLDSTYLE for the invite upon this fun event!

(photo credit: David Young-Wolff)

(photo credit: David Young-Wolff)

A big thanks to Alexis Novak for teaching such a rewarding and intense yoga class today! Alexis was a sweet yoga instructor who educated us in yoga forms and breathing.

(photo credit: Eunice Kim)

(photo credit: Eunice Kim)

Wearing the “Mermaid Bra” in Coral $52.00  and also the “Divine Leggings” in Enchanted Forest $98.00.

I can’t wait to wear these vibrant and comfortable yoga clothing out. They’re not only pretty to wear or look at but also come out great when taking pictures. You’re bound to be the center of attention in these outfits.



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