Safe Braided Hair Extensions (like CL from 2NE1!)

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• Hair Artist: Ashley (Business Owner)

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Have you ever wondered how Celebrities have short hair one minute to beautiful long locks the next? The answer = HAIR EXTENSIONS.

I made a drastic decision to chop off all my long, beautiful hair as a symbol of change in my life, only to regret it a mere week later.

Initially, I swore off the idea of getting hair extensions after hearing countless horror stories. Tales of scalp infections caused by tight extensions, wefts that damaged hair, and the inability to properly wash them, resulting in unpleasant odors. The cons of hair extensions painted a grim picture, which left me feeling horrified.

Fortunately, luck was on my side. Ashley, a skilled stylist and the owner of Salon Mystique Hair & Beauty in Buena Park, had traveled all the way to Korea to learn a new method of hair extensions—the Braid technique. This technique was relatively unknown in the United States and still considered new in Asia. It gained popularity among K-Pop and J-Pop celebrities, with even CL from 2NE1 opting for this method. When Ashley mentioned that she had just returned and mastered this new technique, I couldn’t contain my excitement and rushed to her salon, tears streaming down my face, seeking her expertise to fix my uneven, short hair.

Allow me to share my personal experience, accompanied by pictures, of this transformative journey.

The process of braiding in the hair extensions took approximately 2 hours. Each extension was meticulously braided into my hair, one by one, by the skillful hands of the stylist. Once the braiding was complete, we moved on to coloring, which took around 45 minutes.

To add the perfect finishing touch, we decided on a vibrant hot pink ombre. The quality of the extensions used was, unfortunately, superior to the quality of my own natural hair. Ashley had sourced real human hair extensions from Korea, and they seamlessly blended with my own strands. These extensions felt so natural and versatile that I could style them just like my own hair. Whether it was curling, crimping, or straightening with heat styling tools, or even showering, conditioning, blow drying, and brushing through them, they posed no problem at all. They lasted me approximately 3 months until the braids started to grow out, prompting a re-touchup. During the re-touchup, the braids were removed and the same extensions were braided back into my hair, but this time closer to the scalp. I continued to enjoy the extensions for another 3 months until I felt my hair had grown long enough to remove them.

In essence, the extensions can last up to 3 months in your hair before requiring a retouch, which makes the overall cost more affordable.

When it comes to achieving hair that feels incredibly natural, these extensions are as close as you can get to having “real” hair. I’ve experimented with clip-ons and ponytail clips in the past, but they constantly pulled and tugged at my hair, causing me a great deal of frustration. If you find yourself in a similar situation, searching for the right extensions but unsure which type to choose, I highly recommend considering the braid technique. I hope this information has been helpful!

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