Los Angeles. It’s dirty and filled with lots of trash and graffiti. While some people might think LA is dirty, others see it as culture, tradition, and art. To me, Los Angeles is like a pearl. A pearl is made when a clam takes an irritant and over time it slowly becomes something of value.  When you see an run down old building with paint falling off and cracks, it creates a sense of time. Of all it has been through and seen, far before your own life has started. It creates a type of vibe and through these vibes we can see value. While some might see Los Angeles as run down, it holds it’s own type of beauty in these streets. It’s the essence of the past and every thing it has been through.

Miji and I shot in the heart of downtown Los Angeles with our photographer Deion Kim. Even though it was a little creepy at first shooting under the street bridges we slowly came to enjoy and understand the world beneath the shining lights of what we see in movies of how Los Angeles is portrayed.

We continued our journey through Los Angeles by visiting the Walt Disney Concert Hall.
(Note to self: Remember they don’t open the full premises on Sunday’s)

I honestly had such a blast shooting with my friend Miji and our photographer Deion. This definitely won’t be the only time we shoot in LA, and I can’t wait to venture to see what more hidden gems Los Angeles has to offer.

@juliajverie wearing | Topshop Bodysuit | Urban Outfitter’s Bralette | J.O.A. Shorts | Moon River Vest | Zara Heels.

@mijismuse wearing | Hypebae T-Shirt | Levi’s Shorts | Jeffrey Campbell Boots

All photos courtesy of Deion Kim.

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