Street Snaps ft. @mijismuse || Shot by @deionkim

Los Angeles, a city often perceived as dirty and filled with trash and graffiti, holds different meanings for different people. While some may view the urban landscape as a sign of neglect, others recognize it as a rich tapestry of culture, tradition, and art. To me, Los Angeles is akin to a pearl—an exquisite gem formed when a clam transforms an irritant into something of value over time. When I encounter a weathered building, with peeling paint and cracks, it evokes a sense of history, a testament to all it has witnessed long before my own existence. These worn facades emit a certain energy, and within those vibes lies a hidden beauty. Despite the appearance of decay, Los Angeles retains its unique allure, embodying the essence of the past and the resilience it represents.

Miji and I ventured into the heart of downtown Los Angeles alongside our talented photographer, Deion Kim. Despite the initial eeriness of shooting beneath the street bridges, we gradually found ourselves immersed in the enigmatic world that exists beneath the glimmering lights often portrayed in movies about Los Angeles. Our exploration continued as we made our way to the iconic Walt Disney Concert Hall.

(Quick reminder: The premises are not fully open on Sundays.) Shooting with Miji and Deion was an absolute delight. Our time together in LA was just the beginning, and I eagerly anticipate uncovering more hidden gems this city has to offer on future adventures.

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