Beauty Review : Luxury Scent Box

What is Luxury Scent Box? It is a monthly subscription for about $15, that sends you a brand new luxury fragrance every month! If you really think about it, a giant bottle of perfume lasts.. almost a year and you have to commit to that fragrance. But what if you wanted to smell different and didn’t want to spend all that money on different perfumes? That’s where Luxury Scent Box is perfect for you. Check out their website here!  And continue reading for my review on their product.

The Luxury Scent Box sent me my first box with this cute silver and black travel size spray. The top of it twists in and out when you need to use it. It is completely reusable, you just open it and can refill it when ready to insert a new fragrance that luxury scent box sends you. It is filled with approximately one month supply of perfume for you to use. It also came with a cute velvet case for you to put your travel size spray into.

The box packaging and also a little instruction card on how to use your spray. It fits perfectly into my hand and is about 4 inches.

They also sent me a little card referencing which perfume they had put into the travel size spray, which in my case was the Versace Bright Crystal.

Overall I love the fragrance, love the little travel kit, and love the concept of the Luxury Scent Box. I would definitely recommend this product to a friend or it would even be a cute gift for you to give to someone for a year.



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