On Gloomy Days We Wear Pastel Pink

Title generated from “And on Wednesday’s we wear pink.” – Mean Girls.

It’s been quite chilly in Southern California these days. We were in a drought but as always, mother nature naturally fixes our problems. The gloom and the rain have been real for a while. A type of weather I had forgotten completely, and so had my closet. Hurriedly I had to run to the mall to pick up something for me to keep warm in. There I spotted this pink suede coat from Zara. It was constructed garment in a contemporary style yet the color was so feminine that it balanced each other out. Even though I am happy that California is not in a drought anymore due to these massive rainstorms…. I honestly can’t wait for the sun to come out into 90 degree weather. After all, at the end of the day I’m a California girl. And a California girl needs to be sun-kissed.

“So take a chance, and don’t ever look back.”

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Julia Jverie. Fashion designer, blogger, and stylist. Based in Orange County and Los Angeles. Consecutively, it's a space filled with style, trends, fashion, eateries, and adventures. Business Inquiries: info@jverie.com

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