My Experience at the Museum of Ice Cream

Indulge in Your Ice Cream Dreams at the Museum of Ice Cream

If you have a sweet tooth and a love for ice cream, you’re in for a treat with the Museum of Ice Cream in Los Angeles, CA. By now, you’ve probably seen countless ice cream-themed photos flooding your social media feeds. Here’s my personal experience at the Museum of Ice Cream.

Nestled in the vibrant Arts District of Downtown Los Angeles (2018 E 7th Pl, Los Angeles, CA 90021), you’ll spot a striking pink building amidst the otherwise dull surroundings. It’s truly unmissable. Valet parking is available right in front of the museum’s entrance for a fee. Once parked, we joined the line, grouped according to our assigned time slots. Upon entering the museum, friendly staff wearing ice cream-themed dad hats, reminiscent of Forever21, greeted us. They guided us through each room, offering delightful ice cream samples and sharing playful puns and catchphrases. Every room presented a perfect opportunity for Instagram-worthy snaps.

Stepping into the first room, you’re surrounded by pink phones that, when picked up, reveal a recording with a unique “mission.”

The ice cream samples provided at the museum were not as plentiful as I had anticipated. The portions were mostly tiny, except for the final indulgence of an ice cream sandwich.

In terms of size, the museum turned out to be smaller than my initial expectations, featuring compact art installation rooms. However, each space was adorned with irresistible decorations, making them ideal for capturing Instagram-worthy photos.

One aspect I particularly enjoyed was the timed tickets. They ensured that unwanted people did not photobomb my pictures. I was able to capture great shots without any distractions in the background. Despite the museum being sold out, I never felt rushed or overwhelmed by the crowd. The flow of visitors was perfectly balanced and allowed for a pleasant experience.

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