Do you dream of ice cream? Well, if you do, you’re in luck because the Museum of Ice Cream is in town. More specifically, in Los Angeles, CA.  I’m sure you’ve seen these ice cream photos all over your social media feed by now, but here was my personal take on the Museum of Ice Cream.

Located in Arts District in Downtown Los Angeles (2018 E 7th Pl, Los Angeles, CA 90021) You’ll notice, in the dark and dull district there is a new bright shining pink building. You just can’t miss it. They provided a paid valet parking lot right in front of the entrance of the museum.  After parking we had to wait in line to get in the museum in groups of your allotted time slot. As you walk into the museum you are greeted by the many workers in Forever21 ice cream dad hats, that guide you through each room. Some give you ice cream samples while others say puns and catch phrases. Every room was a great opportunity to take snaps for your Instagram.

As you first walk in you get to a room with nothing but pink phones that if you pick up tell you your “mission” type of recording.

You are then led to a room with a neon heart light and sorbet background.

In the next room we were given our first sample of ice cream. I think it was a sort of vanilla from Mc Connell’s Ice cream. You can also go to “ice cream hollywood” here and go on a tiny trampoline.

Grab your buddy and take a swing on these swangs in this banana themed corridor. They even smell like bananas! #scratchandsniff

Which after you enter the double color blocked room with hanging pink and yellow bananas. If you haven’t already thought of a perverted thought as soon as you enter this room. We probably can’t be friends. Cause this shit is bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S!

Be prepared for the most mint-y puns you’ll probably ever hear in your entire lifetime in this green house. Personally, it was too “pun”-ny for my liking. All I could keep my eye on was the freezer the worker stood by. You get half of a mint chocolate chip mochi ice cream here.

This employee was my favorite guy in the entire museum. The gummy bear man!!! He had a ice cream scoop to give you handfuls of delicious tiny gummy bears.

Then we got the to part we had been anticipating the most. THE SPRINKLE POOL! It felt really nice laying there in the pool of sprinkles. It was a very zen like feeling, probably the next best thing to actually floating in a pool of water. Make sure you don’t eat them, they are not real. Also be prepared to find sprinkles all over your body, hiding in your pockets and clothes. The sprinkles were like glitter. I found sprinkles in my car, at work, in my living room for the next three days.

Off to the black ice cream room! Immediately I thought “Omg these aesthetics…. are SO ME!” I heard that these were charcoal ice creams so I was very very excited to eat them. Sadly they weren’t really ice cream but instead charcoal flavored cookie dough that tasted kind of salty (like play dough) that I immediately spit out and threw away. Woody really enjoyed them though, I guess it just depends on the person.

I came in like a ice cream sandwich wreaking ball in the last room. (I know, Julia why are you so extra?! — Whatever man, thats what this museum’s all about.) The final sample were pink pancake ice creams. I love the ice cream, but the pancake was…. salty and weird. Again it tasted like cooked play dough.

The conclusion:

  • There was not enough ice cream samples compared to what I thought I would be able to eat. The portions were all super tiny aside from the final ice cream sandwich.
  • The museum was a lot smaller than I thought it would be. Very small art installation rooms.
  • Everything was decorated so desirably, which are perfect for taking pictures for your Instagram.
  • I loved the “timed” tickets. I never felt like there weren’t any un-wanted people in my pictures. I got really good shots without anyone in the background. Even though the museum was sold out, I didn’t feel rushed or like that there were too many people there. It was spaced out perfectly.

Till next time!


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  1. I love it!! and I love it when you’re a bit extra…
    ….extra spicy 😉
    Woody looks like he’s having a blast LOL

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