Bebe Summer Babe – Palm Springs Windmills

Having some fun under the sun at the Palm Springs windmill! Stopped by here for one of our missions during a KIA USA road trip event (I will post and link this later here.)

Is it just me or is it always ridiculously windy at these windmills?! We had such a hard time getting good shots because the wind was whipping hair, dust, clothes everywhere. Luckily we got a few good pictures in. Just wanted to comment on how important it is to make sure you are enjoying your life with supportive people around you. This mini get away trip to Palm Springs with the KIA USA team and my friends was such a nice refresher. We had a blast soaking in the sun (vitamin D is good for your skin!), sharing stories and laughs, while enjoying this amazing palm desert heat. It made it a perfect place to wear a cute white summer lace dress to keep me wonderfully cool and breezy. I’ll update more on our KIA road trip soon! (Part 1 of 5)

(Photo Credit: @estherryi)

(Photo Credit: @estherryi)

(Photo Credit: @estherryi)

(Photo Credit: @estherryi)

The shoes are from Steve Madden, but I can’t seem to find a link for it anywhere, sorry!

Shop the exact look! 

BEBE – Emery Lace Dress 



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