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Overview: My ongoing collaboration with Google has been a remarkable journey, marked by numerous exciting campaigns and projects that have seamlessly blended technology, innovation, and style. These collaborations have showcased Google’s commitment to enhancing our daily lives and experiences.

Objective: Throughout our partnership, the objective has consistently been to introduce, promote, and celebrate Google’s cutting-edge products and technology. Each campaign has allowed me to present these innovations in a relatable and engaging way to my audience.

Strategy: Our collaboration with Google has encompassed several impactful campaigns, each with its unique focus and strategy:

  1. Valentine’s Day Campaign with Google Home Mini:

    • Our Valentine’s Day campaign centered around Google Home Mini, highlighting how this smart device could enhance and simplify romantic experiences. We showcased its features for setting the mood, playing love songs, and providing quick answers to relationship queries.
  2. Google Home Interactive Golf Course:

    • We engaged golf enthusiasts and technology lovers with an interactive golf course experience powered by Google Home. This campaign emphasized the fusion of technology and sports, demonstrating how Google Home could enhance recreational activities.
  3. Levi’s Commuter Jacket with Jacquard Technology by Google:

    • The collaboration with Levi’s and Google’s Jacquard technology showcased the intersection of fashion and technology. We explored how this smart jacket could simplify daily life, such as answering calls, navigating, and listening to music, all while on the go.


These campaigns have allowed us to connect my audience with Google’s innovative products and technologies, making them relevant and accessible in our daily lives. I look forward to continuing these successful collaborations with Google, further exploring the possibilities at the intersection of technology and lifestyle.

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