If you know me, you know I’m passionate about mental health. And now, when you buy from TOMS.com, you can select the cause you want TOMS to donate to, including mental health. Join me as I #StandForTomorrow. Use promo code: STANDFOR10 for $10 off your next purchase.

Mental health is something that we are taught to hide.  Growing up we were told it was something to be embarrassed about.  I stand up today to say it is okay to have mental health problems.  People used to tell me to keep things such as depressive moments to myself and by doing so it only ruined me.  By not being able to tell anyone your problems or confess how you feel, you are putting loads of weight and stress not only on your shoulders but also your mind and soul.  Without being able to talk about what was going on internally, I started to depreciate as a person from the inside out. It took a long time but finally I had the courage to speak up for myself and say “I’m Depressed and IT’S OKAY”.  I started to voice my depressive stories, what I had gone through, and also reached out and say “YOU ARE NOT ALONE.” 

Was I afraid? Yes. Did I lose followers because I voiced my opinions? Double YES. But you know what? I also got a plethora of messages saying “Thank you so much, I thought I was alone.” & “I finally can talk to someone without being afraid because you are the same way.” And to me, I didn’t care if I lost a number of followers because I felt connections with people who were mentally unhealthy at times, just like me. It opened up a safe haven where I could connect with more of my friends to openly talk about our lows and how to help each other be happier. 

I am so proud to be working with www.TOMS.com for a cause such as this one.  Along with many other causes they stand for.  We, single humans, need to stand together to create safer places mentally for one another. TOM’s always had their “buy a shoe, we donate a shoe to someone in need” but now is offering “buy a shoe and pick a cause you would like us to donate for.”  With every purchase made you will be standing up for a better tomorrow. 

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