Daniel Wellington

Overview: I’m delighted to present a snapshot of my enduring partnership with Daniel Wellington (DW), spanning over 5 years. Our collaboration has been a remarkable journey, highlighting DW’s elegant products and the synergy between their brand and my Instagram account, @juliajverie.

Objective: Throughout these years, my objective has remained constant: to authentically showcase DW and its products to my followers. By creating high-quality content that aligns with DW’s image, I’ve aimed to promote their brand and offer exclusive discounts to my audience.

Strategy: This long-standing partnership involved the creation and upload of 7 distinct posts dedicated to DW on my Instagram account, spread across two Instagram posts and five Instagram stories. These posts were meticulously scheduled to maximize their reach and impact, and they included engaging and high-resolution visuals. Each Instagram post was designed as a carousel, showcasing DW products, with a specific focus on “close-up” shots. The personalized discount code “JULIAJ,” offering a 15% discount on DW’s website, was prominently featured in each caption. The Stories included video content presenting DW, the products, and any relevant campaigns, all while featuring the discount code and links to DW’s website.

Our agreement also incorporated compliance with advertising regulations, ensuring transparency and adherence to laws.

Our collaboration has thrived on open communication, confidentiality, and mutual respect. It’s been an incredible journey, and I look forward to continuing to work closely with DW in the future.

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