Netflix – Stranger Things: The Experience x Fever

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Overview: I am excited to showcase my brand partnerships, with one of the standout collaborations being my experience with Fever, Netflix, & Stranger Things: The Experience (San Francisco). Together, we crafted an unforgettable journey that allowed me to step into the iconic sets of a beloved series and interact with its beloved characters.

Objective: My primary goal was to create a memorable and shareable experience for my audience while also spotlighting Fever’s incredible platform, which connects people with exciting events and experiences in their city.

Strategy: I embarked on this adventure by sharing my journey on my social media platforms. I took my followers along with me through Instagram Stories, Reels, and TikTok videos, documenting every thrilling moment of the Fever experience. My strategy was geared towards generating excitement and interest in Fever’s curated event listings, encouraging more people to discover what their city has to offer. This collaboration not only allowed me to share a unique and engaging adventure but also supported Fever in its mission to help people explore their cities in a whole new way. Get ready to dive into the Upside Down with me! ⚡✨🤩🤫🌆

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