Bebe Summer Babe – Coachella Festival Wear

BEBE Festival 2017 Collection. One morning I woke up to an email that I had been chosen to participate in bebe’s Festival Faves campaign. It was probably one of the most exciting email I had received as a blogger in my life. It also had a contest in which who’s ever Instagram picture that Bebe liked, they would win a number of prizes. Lucky to say, I WON THE 2ND PRIZE and won $250 to shop for some amazing pieces before heading to Coachella 2017.

San Diego Beachin

She is in awe of California skies that glitter pink and blue against sandy beaches along the shore. Wearing ZeroUV sunglasses to block out the shade. Slight chills. Layers on a Zara fringe p-leather jacket near the water where it feels 10 degrees colder than what the weather man has said. Underneath is all in a flowy white crop top from KENDALL + KYLIE‘s first collection. Finished off with some comfortable Sam Edelman gladiator sandals on her feet. She leans against the pillar softly in pure comfort and happiness. Nothing can stop her from feeling like shes in a effervescent dream.

# S H O P T H E E X A C T L O O K



KENDALL + KYLIE at Topshop Embroidered Surplice Top

‘Ginger’ Gladiator Flat SAM EDELMAN


On Gloomy Days We Wear Pastel Pink

Title generated from “And on Wednesday’s we wear pink.” – Mean Girls.

It’s been quite chilly in Southern California these days. We were in a drought but as always, mother nature naturally fixes our problems. The gloom and the rain have been real for a while. A type of weather I had forgotten completely, and so had my closet. Hurriedly I had to run to the mall to pick up something for me to keep warm in. There I spotted this pink suede coat from Zara. It was constructed garment in a contemporary style yet the color was so feminine that it balanced each other out. Even though I am happy that California is not in a drought anymore due to these massive rainstorms…. I honestly can’t wait for the sun to come out into 90 degree weather. After all, at the end of the day I’m a California girl. And a California girl needs to be sun-kissed.

“So take a chance, and don’t ever look back.”

Outfit Details:

Zen Mornings in Oversize Shirts

Morning’s always start with, you guessed it. A nice hot steamy cup of coffee to get through the day. One piece you can always find me lounging in is a oversize “boyfriend” shirt. It’s soft, comfortable, and big enough so you don’t have to wear pants! It almost doubles as a shirt dress and comfy enough to wear to sleep.

Zara Long Stripe Blouse |  (

It’s currently a steal because of Zara’s end of year sale! Trust me, go check it out, this sale is SO worth it. Stay comfy babes.


Alis volat propriis

Alis volat propriis. (Latin for : “She flies with her own wings.”)

Watching birds and riding on bird floaties, enjoying the amazing California weather. Bohemian fashion seems to be dying out and contemporary seems to be stepping in. An easy way to keep up with fashion trends without throwing out all your clothes and buying new ones is to incorporate your pieces differently to match whats in style. Keeping colors monochromatic and sleek sunglasses to pair with a flowy lace dress and feathered fedora, keeps the look both bohemian and contemporary.

Lace Dress Free People

Feathered FedoraDiane’s Beach Wear

SunglassesZero UV


Street Snaps ft. @mijismuse || Shot by @deionkim

Los Angeles. It’s dirty and filled with lots of trash and graffiti. While some people might think LA is dirty, others see it as culture, tradition, and art. Los Angeles is like a pearl. A pearl is made when a clam takes an irritant and over time it slowly becomes something of value.  When you see an run down old building with paint falling off and cracks, it creates a sense of time. Of all it has been through and seen, far before your own life has started. It creates a type of culture and through culture we can see value. While some might see Los Angeles as run down, it holds it’s own type of beauty in these streets. It’s the essence of the past and every thing it has been through.

(photo credit: Deion Kim)

(photo credit: Deion Kim)

(photo credit: Deion Kim)

(photo credit: Deion Kim)

(photo credit: Deion Kim)

(photo credit: Deion Kim)

Miji and I shot in the heart of downtown Los Angeles with our photographer Deion Kim at and near the Walt Disney Concert Hall. Sadly we couldn’t fully utilize the paneled walls that the location had to offer in the garden because they don’t open to the public on Sundays. Even though it was a little creepy at first shooting under the street bridges we slowly came to enjoy and understand the world beneath the shining lights of what we see in movies of how Los Angeles is portrayed. This definitely won’t be the only time we shoot in LA, and I can’t wait to venture to see what more hidden gems Los Angeles has to offer.

@juliajverie wearing | Topshop Bodysuit | Urban Outfitter’s Bralette | J.O.A. Shorts | Moon River Vest | Zara Heels.

@mijismuse wearing | Hypebae T-Shirt | Levi’s Shorts | Jeffrey Campbell Boots