Fig & Olive on Melrose Place

Fig & Olive
8490 Melrose Place
West Hollywood, CA 90069

Let me start off with the ambiance of this place. I went during lunch with a friend on a Saturday. The atmosphere was light and airy. The restaurant was nicely lit from the natural sunlight outside and there were lots of well dressed people. To me it seemed like a good place for a nice date with a significant other, or a fun gossip brunch place with your girls. The staff are incredibly friendly and the service itself was great. We sat down and were given some bread with 3 different types of olive oil. The waiter then continued to tell us what flavor and where each olive oil was from which I thought was a nice conversation starter for diners to talk amongst themselves after ordering their drinks.

Dior Addict Lip Glow Review

So I just picked up my new favorite lip product! The Dior Addict Lip Glow! This lip blam is absolutely perfect for every occasion. It is so easy and simple to use, it keeps your lips soft, and don’t we all love cute packaging? This lip balm is not like lipstick, where lipstick has such a strong pigment of color. This balm helps bring out your own natural lip color by tinting it slightly. It’s almost unnoticeable to others, but it makes a huge difference on yourself! It’s perfect because I hate reapplying lipstick when it smudges. But with this you can use it at school, work, anywhere without worrying! And without a mirror!

Gorgeous Gloss at Salon Benjamin

What is it?

A gloss treatment, also referred to as a color glaze or a glaze treatment, gives your hair shine, boosts dull and lifeless hair and helps smooth flyaways.

Gloss treatments can be clear or tinted. Both types of treatments revitalize hair; tinted treatments can help enhance or maintain color, as well. Tinted options range from brighter blonde (to cancel out brassiness) and gold (to bring out warmth in your strands) to red or brown hues (to bring out the warmth in darker shades of hair).

While gloss treatments aren’t an alternative to color, they do help enhance and refresh your current color, bring out subtleties and can be a good introduction to hair color for someone with virgin (aka never-been-colored) hair.

Why should I get one?

Gloss treatments are great conditioning tools, so if your locks are dry and lifeless, ask your stylist about their gloss options to bring back your moisture and shine.

If you regularly color or highlight your hair, gloss treatments can give you an added boost between colors. Blondes are especially prone to flyaways and damage, so gloss treatments also help smooth and strengthen you lighter-haired ladies.

How long does it last? What’s it cost?

Gloss treatments are demi-permanent, which means they last about four to six weeks before washing/fading out. You could get them every six weeks or so with your regular trim and be just fine.

So with that said, I have over processed hair damaged from bleach. But I tried to go light brown and it looked good for about a month, and then my roots and “older” hair started to differ in color because the top of my head was more alive than the bleached out bottom parts. Salon Benjamin corrected this by applying a gold gloss to even out the two different hair colors.

$1 oysters?! Um, YES!

EMC Seafood and Raw Bar in Korea Town, Los Angeles. Happy hour is 4-7pm daily, and they have $1 eastern oysters! We ordered a dozen oysters and then ordered a dozen more after they quickly disappeared. Their Uni Pasta was delectable, an even balance of flavors in a creamy fresh uni sauce.

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