My Collective Thoughts and Thanks to You

Hey guys. Sorry I’ve been so MIA recently. But it gets so hard to blog, youtube, instagram, and carry on a full time job. While lounging on a lazy Sunday in this beautiful white Japanese Kimono robe my friend @eunique_kollection got in her trip to Japan, I started to think about the future and on how to utilize my time more efficiently. (Comment below if you have any tips for me!)

I realized… I just got to breathe and not let all this overwhelm me. But that is so much easier said than done. Once I start thinking of everything I need to do in one day, I almost want to just collapse and curl up into fetal position and just lay there. But we can’t do that, or well never achieve our goals.

I have to understand that everything will have to come one small step at a time. Hopefully I’ll be able to get into a routine so that I can upload more content. I also am having a really hard time thinking of new content to post about. (Help a girl out!!!! What content would you guys like to see???!?)

But I am also really thankful for all of you readers, viewers, subscribers…. you really make me feel like I am contributing a part of myself and my experiences to something more important in life. It gives me a feeling that maybe my advice or suggestion can be of help to someone out there. I almost cried when I realized that I reached over 2,000 views on my last Youtube Video in only one month. I really thank everyone that took the time to watch it and like and comment.

I hope that I could make a difference in someones life, because when I was a awkward teenager, thats all I wanted. Some type of guidance, some kind of advice, etc. Maybe I wouldn’t have made so many silly hair and makeup mistakes. (*shivers at the thought of old pictures*)

I’ll end this with, in the new year of 2017, I’ll try to figure this all out, I’ll try to post as much as possible. And I hope you guys can help along the way. I hope we can all achieve a step closer to our goals by assisting each other. As they say, C’est la vie! (“Let’s seize the day!”)


Beauty Review : Luxury Scent Box

What is Luxury Scent Box? It is a monthly subscription for about $15, that sends you a brand new luxury fragrance every month! If you really think about it, a giant bottle of perfume lasts.. almost a year and you have to commit to that fragrance. But what if you wanted to smell different and didn’t want to spend all that money on different perfumes? That’s where Luxury Scent Box is perfect for you. Check out their website here!  And continue reading for my review on their product.

The Luxury Scent Box sent me my first box with this cute silver and black travel size spray. The top of it twists in and out when you need to use it. It is completely reusable, you just open it and can refill it when ready to insert a new fragrance that luxury scent box sends you. It is filled with approximately one month supply of perfume for you to use. It also came with a cute velvet case for you to put your travel size spray into.

The box packaging and also a little instruction card on how to use your spray. It fits perfectly into my hand and is about 4 inches.

They also sent me a little card referencing which perfume they had put into the travel size spray, which in my case was the Versace Bright Crystal.

Overall I love the fragrance, love the little travel kit, and love the concept of the Luxury Scent Box. I would definitely recommend this product to a friend or it would even be a cute gift for you to give to someone for a year.


Safe Braided Hair Extensions (like CL from 2NE1!)

Mystique Hair & Beauty
8540 Commonwealth Ave.
Buena Park, CA 90621
(714) 522-2121

Have you ever wondered how Celebrities have short hair one minute to beautiful long locks the next? The answer = HAIR EXTENSIONS.

I had a pretty bad hair mistake and decided to cut all my pretty long hair off (because I wanted change in my life) only to regret it a week later.

Truthfully, after looking into extensions, I was convinced that I would never get them.

Have you seen the horror stories of girls who get scalp infections from tight extension, wefts that ruin your hair, that you can’t really shampoo so it smells all the time? (Google it, it’s ugly.) I did my research only to be horrified of the unattractive cons of hair extensions.

To my luck, Ashley, Stylist and Owner of Salon Mystique Hair & Beauty in Buena Park had flown all the way to Korea just to learn a new method of hair extensions. The Braid technique. This technique is almost unheard of in the United States and still new in Asia. Popular K-Pop & J-pop celebrities use this type of extensions. I hear CL from 2NE1 only gets her extensions in this method. After Ashley mentioned that she had just flown back and had a new technique I pretty much ran to her salon crying for her to fix my choppy short hair.

Here’s my experience (with pictures).

It took about 2 hours to braid in all the hair extensions. They are braided in one by one by hand by the stylist. After the braiding we moved onto color which took about 45 minutes.

For the final touch we decided for a hot pink ombre. The extensions quality that she used were (sadly to say) better than the quality of my own real hair. Ashley used real human hair extensions that she purchased from Korea. These extensions felt like my own head of strands. You can curl them, crimp them, straighten them with any heating iron. As well as shower, condition, blow dry, and brush through them with no problem. They lasted me about 3 months until the braids got too long from my hair growing out, so I went in for a re-touchup. (This is when they take out the braids and then re-braid the same extensions back into your hair but closer to the scalp.) And after that I had them on for another 3 months till I finally felt like my hair was long enough for me to take them out.

So basically they last about 3 months in your hair at a time, but you can use the same extensions so the cost is much cheaper for the retouch.

These extensions are probably the closest thing you can get to having “real” hair that feel like your real hair. I’ve tried clip ons and ponytail clips only for them to pull and tug at my hair though out the day and cause me much aggravation. So if you’re a case in need, looking for extensions but not knowing which kind to get, I highly recommend this braid technique. Hope that helped!


I Drank Water for Five Days, Here’s What Happened…

Fun-Fact about me: I rarely drink water. I usually go throughout an entire day with maybe half a cup of water. I barely drink any water when I consume breakfast, lunch, or dinner. But the weird thing is I’m never really that thirsty to begin with, I never feel dehydrated. #thethirstisnotreal

I have lived 26 years like this. Without drinking much water and not having any major complications. I always thought, “This is just how my body is made.” But… I have been having some health issues these days and someone close to me has pointed out that I really need to start drinking water.

Some of my symptoms included:

  1. Having dry chapped lips even RIGHT after I take a shower.
  2. Always needing chap-stick. (Like really really bad.)
  3. Major fatigue, having trouble doing anything without feeling tired, being tired almost immediately even after 15 hours of sleep.
  4. Feeling groggy all day long. (I googled my symptoms about all this prior to this experiment and like everything else I google, it told me I’m going to die from cancer. Sometimes, I seriously hate you google.)
  5. I can’t focus. I used to be able to multitask and focus really well on many different things at once, but these days I feel like I have A.D.D.
  6. Recently I had a incredibly torturous throbbing headache. (I usually have headaches and am on Migraine medicine 80% of the time.)  But this was no typical migraine, it was like a tsunami that I have never experienced before. I wanted to cry and it hurt so bad I had to go home from work, popped double the medicine and cringed in pain curled up like a rollie-pollie in my bed for two hours. This eventually went away but it lingered around mildly for about 3 days. (I was genuinely so scared that I might have had a minor stroke. Which I recently found out can happen if your body is too dehydrated.)
  7. My eyes are constantly dry even with eye-drops. It’s gotten so bad that my “single daily contacts” dry out in my eye within 6 hours of wearing them. I had to adapt to use 2 pairs of contacts a day. OR wear glasses half day, and contacts half day.

This person convinced me, that if I drink enough water that all these symptoms would probably disappear, and if not it would still be extremely beneficial in more ways than I can imagine. So I thought to myself, “This isn’t a bad idea and he sounds pretty convincing so why not give this a shot.”

Keep in mind, I also have a hard time drinking water. I hate drinking water. I can drink an entire of pitcher of beer in less than 2 hours but I can not force myself to chug down water the same way for the dear life of me. 

Day 1 (Wednesday 7/27/2016)
9:00 A.M. – I couldn’t wake up on time (7:30 A.M.) today, even with 5 alarms and my boyfriend calling to wake me up. I feel groggy, my body feels extremely heavy. My lips are chapped. TBH, I feel like crap.
4:39 P.M. – I have finally finished 1 bottle (16.9FL oz.) of water.
11:35 P.M. – I really don’t feel like drinking plain water, so I steep a Trader Joe’s Jasmine Green Tea bag into another 1 bottle (16.9FL oz.) of water. I ended up only drinking half of this bottle because I was too lazy and went to sleep instead.
TOTAL WATER FINISHED: 1 1/2 Bottles.  (25.35FL oz.)

Day 2 (Thursday 7/28/2016)
7:35 A.M. – I woke up five minutes late today, with the help of my boyfriend calling and two alarms. (Well.. honestly… I also really had to pee.) I feel… meh okay, my body feels a little lazy. Totally want to lounge in bed a little more but had to get up to go to work. My lips are only half as chapped as yesterday. I feel 50 x times better than yesterday though.
11:48 A.M. – I have finished 1 bottle (16.9FL oz.) of water. I’m feeling pretty damn proud of myself for finishing one entire bottle worth of water before noon right now.
4:57 P.M. – Just finished a Grande Iced Starbucks Strawberry Acai with Coconut Milk. (16FL oz.) An update on how I feel…. 1. I keep having to pee every 2 hours, 2. I’m not full but I’m also not hungry. Definitely feel “water-full”.
7:00 P.M. – Okay, so I started drinking alcohol for Thirsty Thursday. Hopefully this doesn’t affect my water intake.
TOTAL WATER FINISHED: 2 Bottles.  (32.9FL oz.)

Day 3 (Friday 7/29/2016)
6:00 A.M. – “Why did I drink last night? I am so dehydrated and I need water…” Gulped down 8.45FL oz. of water while half asleep.
9:10 A.M. – Still incredibly dehydrated. Chugged down a Vita Coco 100% Coconut Water drink at 11.1FL oz.
2:29 P.M. – My eyes don’t feel as dry any more. I haven’t used eye-drops the past 3 days. My face skin feels really good, it feels more plush and its not as dry as before. Also I forgot to put on lotion this morning but it doesn’t seem that affected and strangely I’m less oily in my T-Zones.
5:30 P.M. – Finished 1 bottle for (16.9FL oz.) of water.
TOTAL WATER FINISHED: 2.15 Bottles. (36.45FL oz.)

Day 4 (Saturday 7/30/2016)
8:00 A.M. – Woke up and drank 8.47FL oz.
11:20 A.M. – Went to Slurpin Ramen, had about 6FL oz. of water there with my food.
12:45 P.M. – Ordered a venti Strawberry Acai with coconut water but only ended up drinking 9FL oz. of it.
9:45 P.M. – Had 6FL oz. of water at with dinner at Yup Duk Duk Bo Kki.
TOTAL WATER FINISHED: 1.74 Bottles. (29.47FL oz.)

Day 5 (Sunday 7/31/2016)
10:00 A.M. – Finished 1 bottle (16.9FL oz.) of water.
12:30 A.M. – Tea from Teavana Store (6FL oz.)
8:45 P.M. – Drank a little bit of water with dinner at KoKo’s Chicken (6FL oz.)
TOTAL WATER FINISHED: 1.71 Bottles. (28.9FL oz.)

The Overall Outcome.

  1. I feel a lot healthier. It’s almost amazing at how with a little bit of effort of drinking more water, I feel so much better.
  2. My lips significantly less chapped. It has gotten better by like 80%.
  3. I only had to use eyedrops once in the five days and that was only because I consumed alcohol (which drys out my eyes for some reason).
  4. I’m pretty obsessed at forcing myself to drink water now. It’s almost like a drug because I know that if I keep this up and drink more water than I am doing now, that I will be in far better health and condition than I am right at this moment.
  5. My urine is a tiny bit lighter, but there was no drastic change in color. But I did have to urinate very often.

I’m definitely pleased and will continue to keep this habit. I hope that my water experiment on myself has convinced you to also drink more water. =)



YSABEL West Hollywood, CA

YSABEL (West Hollywood, CA)
945 N Fairfax Ave
West Hollywood, CA 90046
(323) 366-2940

Ysabel is a lively cocktail bar with a mixology focus that serves out of a back and front bar, plus an outdoor patio. It’s a little hard to find the restaurant at first because there is no giant sign with the name on it. It is a plain white building. Valet parking is $7.

We had reservations at 8PM (I recommend making a reservation, we went on a Thursday night and it was really packed.) The venue itself is dark, and dimly lit with string lights and candles. The ambiance is romantic. It is a great place for dates with a significant other or your group of friends. It is a little loud but what kind of cocktail bar isn’t?! We had a set menu that came out for my friends and I for we were invited specially by the restaurant.

The servers, general managers, chefs greeted us and also took such great care of us. They asked if we were allergic to any ingredients and kindly did not bring any dishes that contained them. After every course, they took away our dirty plates and replaced them with clean ones.

(Left to Right: @cathythekimchi, @nicqueen, @spotkryskhloe, @eunique_kollection, @_juliashin)

Fig & Olive on Melrose Place

Fig & Olive
8490 Melrose Place
West Hollywood, CA 90069

Let me start off with the ambiance of this place. I went during lunch with a friend on a Saturday. The atmosphere was light and airy. The restaurant was nicely lit from the natural sunlight outside and there were lots of well dressed people. To me it seemed like a good place for a nice date with a significant other, or a fun gossip brunch place with your girls. The staff are incredibly friendly and the service itself was great. We sat down and were given some bread with 3 different types of olive oil. The waiter then continued to tell us what flavor and where each olive oil was from which I thought was a nice conversation starter for diners to talk amongst themselves after ordering their drinks.