Confessions of an Instagram Blogger, “It-Girls” & The Reality Behind It

“The Fake It-Girl” What is an “It-Girl”? In today’s superficial society it has become “who is the most popular on social media”, or more personally “Instagram”.  An “It-Girl” is a girl who is supposed to have it all. The smart, the beautiful, witty and charismatic to say the least. An “It-Girl” provides value and profits from herself; where as selfish, narcissistic motives do not make good, long term achievements. Here is how social media, aka Instagram, has distorted everything I once wanted to represent. Presenting the fake it girl. From photoshop to popular miracle apps like “FaceTune”,  buying followers and…

San Diego Beachin

She is in awe of California skies that glitter pink and blue against sandy beaches along the shore. Wearing ZeroUV sunglasses to block out the shade. Slight chills. Layers on a Zara fringe p-leather jacket near the water where it feels 10 degrees colder than what the weather man has said. Underneath is all in a flowy white crop top from KENDALL + KYLIE’s first collection. Finished off with some comfortable Sam Edelman gladiator sandals on her feet. She leans against the pillar softly in pure comfort and happiness. Nothing can stop her from feeling like she’s in a effervescent…

Zen Mornings in Oversize Shirts

Morning’s always start with, you guessed it. A nice hot steamy cup of coffee to get through the day. One piece you can always find me lounging in is a oversize “boyfriend” shirt. It’s soft, comfortable, and big enough so you don’t have to wear pants! It almost doubles as a shirt dress and comfy enough to wear to sleep. Wearing Zara Long Stripe Blouse |  (www.Zara.com) It’s currently a steal because of Zara’s end of year sale! Trust me, go check it out, this sale is SO worth it. Stay comfy babes. This post was not sponsored. For more…

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