Best Cheap and Good Quality AliExpress Clothing for Women

As some of you may know, I am a huge AliExpress fan. What is AliExpress? AliExpress is a online store where you can buy so many different products (think of it as an Asian Amazon), often at lower prices. If you want to be ballin on a budget, this is definitely the place to shop. There are some pro’s and con’s to shopping on AliExpress but I’m here to help you, so check out my helpful tips about how to shop on AliExpress! PROS for Shopping on AliExpress Super cheap finds! Buy more for your money. Remember to buy only…


Attended Los Angeles Fashion Week to watch SIWY Denim’s Fall 2018 fashion show. It took place at The MacArthur in the grand Ballroom. This seasons Fashion Week theme was about art so there were many beautiful art pieces that surrounded the hallways upon entering.  The SIWY Denim fashion show consisted of fall trends such as darker denim hues, black and white plaid, and metallics. My favorite pieces were the ones of bold pop color, which were rich hues of the primary three. Red, green, and yellow were statement pieces that caught my eye. Photos courtesy of @yeopphotography My LA Fashion Week…

On Gloomy Days We Wear Pastel Pink

It’s been quite chilly in Southern California these days. We were in a drought but as always, mother nature naturally fixes our problems. With that being said, the gloom and the rain have been real for a while. This was a type of weather I had forgotten completely, and so had my closet. I rushed to the mall to pick up something for me to keep warm in. There I spotted this pink suede coat from Zara. It was extremely constructed garment in a contemporary style yet the color was so feminine that it balanced each other out. Even though…

Balini Sports Yoga Yacht Party

All aboard the Yoga Yacht! We boarded Nico Santucci’s private yacht in Marina del Ray, California early in the morning. The water was calm and the sky was bright and sunny. Big thanks to Balini Sports for the yoga goodie bags that were filled with tons of healthy lifestyle gifts and also a pair of yoga clothes. The purpose of this event was to showcase Balini Sports  new “Mermaid Collection”.  The Mermaid Collection features vibrant hues with dynamic design. Photos courtesy of David Young-Wolff Photos courtesy of David Young-Wolff The outfit I chose upon boarding was the Balini Sports Mermaid Bra…

Infamous Paul Smith Pink Wall

If you live in Los Angeles, then you know the infamous Paul Smith Pink Wall. It’s the famous wall of pink that everyone has to stop by to take a selfie. The location is on none other than Melrose Ave. Here’s the exact address for those of you wanting to visit. (Paul Smith – 8221 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90046) Had amazing luck with the direction of the wind when I got here. Perfect for those “wind in your hair moment” photos. With summer coming I chose this black romper from MISSGUIDED to keep me cool from the heat. It featured a…

Calvin Klein – Modern Cotton Collection

Because basics. Need I say more? Finally after being back-ordered for 2 long months, the Calvin’s have arrived! Loving the simplicity of the Calvin Klein Modern Cotton Collection. They fit comfortably and wonderfully. And I love how it is still so sexy and yet so minimal. Can’t wait to get my hands on some more. Calvin Klein Modern Cotton Bralette: $28 Calvin Klein Modern Cotton Booty Shorts: $25 Calvin Klein Modern Cotton Bikini Panty: $20

Stripes for Spring? Fascinating.

On top of Downtown Los Angeles Fashion District. Wearing a “De Philo” Spring Sneak Peak Dress with a floppy black hat to keep the sun away. Paired them with wedge pumps from Alexander Wang to polish up the look while sitting rooftop. Along with a “Smoking Kills” Chanel iPhone 6 case and Vape Juice Bomb Bombz Premium E-Liquid in Green Crack and God’s Gift. I have to say they are my favorite flavors. Both have a nice sweet and fruity taste which is pleasantly better than actually smoking cigarettes.

Reel of January – JVERIE Styles!

Hey guys! I’m sorry I haven’t posted in so long… I have had so much to do. I have some missed post pictures so I’m just going to have to post a “reel of January – Jverie styles”! I spent most of my days in New York for the beginning of the New Year! It was my first time, so I was really excited! I attended the Fashion Convention FAME for De Philo Clothing and got to see so many beautiful styles from other companies during my trip. At the LAX Airport. They always say your airport fashion game should…

Soft Metallics and Pastels

This winter is all about pastels. Layer on with soft wooly and comfy knits and metallics to give it a chic and girly look. Winter. It’s cold! But this combination of knit sweater and pleated full skirt give it that glamour while it still keeps you nice and snug from the weather. Shop this look at De Philo Clothing! http://dephiloclothing.com/ Photography and Point of View : Danbi Park

Monochrome and Pleather Pleasures

Photograph Credits : Nestor Rafallo – nestor.rafallo@gmail.com It’s finally getting colder out here in California! So I’ve decided to do a outfit shot that never seems to fail with the fall. Keeping it simple with monochromatic colors a Hot & Delicious white and black checkered crop top. For pants I have on De Philo perforated leather contrast leggings and brushed it off with light silver jewelry to keep the colors synchronized. Finished the feet with some leather Steve Madden heels. (My favorite just because it is not too high or low, and the straps give it such a nice finish…

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