Fun Things to do in Japan | Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka Edition

Japan has got to be one of the best places I have traveled thus far. From the kind people to the delicious detailed craft of cuisine, Japan is deeply rooted in its traditional culture. If you have plans to travel there but don’t know where to go, scroll down to see some of my favorite places I visited. For dated reference, this trip took place in late October 2018. If your time is limited, as my trip across Japan was only a week’s worth in time, let me inspire you on how to do the absolute most with your travel!…


Attended Los Angeles Fashion Week to watch SIWY Denim’s Fall 2018 fashion show. It took place at The MacArthur in the grand Ballroom. This seasons Fashion Week theme was about art so there were many beautiful art pieces that surrounded the hallways upon entering.  The SIWY Denim fashion show consisted of fall trends such as darker denim hues, black and white plaid, and metallics. My favorite pieces were the ones of bold pop color, which were rich hues of the primary three. Red, green, and yellow were statement pieces that caught my eye. Photos courtesy of @yeopphotography My LA Fashion Week…

Habana – Brunch Buffet

LOCATED IN THE IRVINE SPECTRUM, CAlFORNIA EXECUTIVE CHEF ALEX MORENO Takes place only on Sunday’s at 10AM-3PM I find it hard to find a great brunch buffet in Orange County California. I’ve been to many and always left let-down. But to great news, Habana has just opened it’s newest location at The Irvine Spectrum. A luxurious brunch buffet with menu inspired by Cuban-fare. The restaurant itself was bright and airy with a sweet romantic ambiance. As you sit down, you pass by the amazing brunch bar where they serve endless delectables all for grabs with their brunch buffet. Grid Photos courtesy of…

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