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Week 2 – Meal Prep (+Progress)

Week 2 –┬áMeal Prep Menu! ­čŹ│ Two hard boiled egg whites, sriracha seasoned chicken on a bed of green peas, salted and peppered tilapia fish with a garlic lentil mash and arugula, boneless London broil steak round with a spring mix salad + balsamic vinegar dressing, and lastly a three bean 90% lean ground turkey chili! ­čŹ┤ This meal prep (per day) consists of:┬á┬á 790┬áCalories 113g Protein 40.5g Carbs 13.6g Fats Exercised 4 days out of 7 at the gym.┬á Last weeks weight : 107lbs. This weeks weight: 102lbs. Total weight lost since 01/04/2016 is 4 pounds.┬á (YAY!) (Note: Hi…

Starting the New 2016 Year with a Fitness Plan

01/04/2016 Hi Guys! I know I have been gone for a long long time. I actually decided to stop blogging in 2015, but with the new 2016 year coming up, I really wanted to start back at it. This time blogging more as a diary to record progress and memories this new year has to hold. First matter of business, New Year Resolutions! Yeah, yeah, they usually all fail. We’ve all been and done that before. But the key to succeeding in your goals is to create a plan and making sure you stick with it no matter what. This…

Meal Prep Log

I know, its already March but losing all the extra weight from the Holiday Season was really quite difficult. They say looking good is 80% of your diet and only 20% exercise. Here are some twists of recipes that I used for a unique and delicious meal prep. A whole weeks worth of meal prep. Some people can eat the same thing everyday, but I’m one of those people that CANNOT eat the exact same thing over and over. To avoid that, I incorporated┬ádifferent recipes and cooking styles. For the “main course” I did a mix of Lemon Pepper Chicken…

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