Why are my Videos Poor Quality when I Upload them to Instagram? (Premier Pro Tutorial)

Case Scenario: I just edited a crisp beautiful video on Adobe Premier Pro. My YouTube video came out great and uploaded just fine. Whereas, when I uploaded the same video to Instagram, Instagram decides to convert my video into a fuzzy poor quality. This is because you need to convert your video to optimize the result. Generally, if you shot your video using an iPhone, the result should be just fine. If you shot your video using other devices, or in 4K quality, we need to change the settings to convert the final video. Here are the settings I found…

Confessions of an Instagram Blogger, “It-Girls” & The Reality Behind It

“The Fake It-Girl” What is an “It-Girl”? In today’s superficial society it has become “who is the most popular on social media”, or more personally “Instagram”.  An “It-Girl” is a girl who is supposed to have it all. The smart, the beautiful, witty and charismatic to say the least. An “It-Girl” provides value and profits from herself; where as selfish, narcissistic motives do not make good, long term achievements. Here is how social media, aka Instagram, has distorted everything I once wanted to represent. Presenting the fake it girl. From photoshop to popular miracle apps like “FaceTune”,  buying followers and…

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